As Community Futures heads into its twentieth year of operation, we have made the decision to terminate our non-profit work through CFC. All of the projects that we sponsored have grown to be independent and our work is no longer necessary.
We’ve had a great few years, sponsoring projects in both the Native American cultural arena but also social justice through the Angola 3 and Real Cost of Prisons among others.
We are proud to have been able to provide stability and sustenance for our programs and are delighted to see them operating independently successfully.
Dissolution for a non profit takes some time and we are keeping the website active until that process is completed however we have finalized all transactions and are not taking on any new projects.
The only program that remained active till the end of 2020 was the Real Cost of Prisons- they are now being fiscally sponsored by the Pioneer Vally Workers Center and you can get more information on their web page, www.realcostofprisons
Thanks to our board and to all the amazing activists we have worked with in the past twenty years.
Keep the fatih