Fiscal Sponsorship Program

Fiscal sponsorship is a core service of Community Futures Collective (CFC), which provides its members with assistance in funding and developing their projects and programs. CFC selects projects that work in harmony with one another and that provides visionary leadership and necessary services to underrepresented communities. Specifically through it's fiscal sponsorship program, Community Futures Collectives encourages funding agencies and contributors to take risks in funding new projects while ensuring that there is professional oversight and that funds are spent according to funder's guidelines.

Community Futures Collective is a small, personal organization that promotes visionary projects that serve their communities effectively and with compassion and promote self-sustainability. We believe that collaboration enhances each of the organizations that CFC sponsors. We keep the process as simple as possible, minimizing unnecessary paperwork, but stressing accountability.

Fiscal Sponsorship through Community Futures Collective provide the following services:

Please note that CFC does NOT award grants or apply for grants on behalf of its members, unless specifically designated in individual Memorandum of Understanding.

Past and Current Members:

Black August International 2003; Black Mesa Relief program; Expressions Art Gallery, Common Ground Relief, National Coalition to Free the Angola Three, Seventh Native American Generation Magazine, Each One/Save One, SF Bayview Expansion Project and the Advocates for Indigenous California Language Survival.

Membership Requirements and Procedures

Memorandums of Understanding are signed for duration of project.

Grant Applications: CFC must be informed of the intent to apply for any grants prior to their submission, as least one week beforehand if supporting materials are being requested. For the first grant written for any aspect of the project, a draft must be submitted to CFC at least one week in advance of deadline and approval must be obtained.    Thereafter, CFC must receive copies of any applications or correspondence with funders. Submission of final reports is the responsibility of each sponsored project.

Fees: CFC maintains a sliding scale preferring to charge 0-2% one-time and support ongoing projects to obtain their own non-profit status for future grants.

Accessing Funds: Sponsored projects must comply with all restrictions or requirements imposed on funds by their donors. Funds are available for disbursement one week after funds are deposited with CFC. Funds may be released for expense reimbursements, payment to vendor, or payments to individuals for services rendered. In order to receive disbursements, the project must submit to CFC a Request for Payment form along with the appropriate receipts of invoices. Checks are issued once each week.

Additionally, sponsored projects are required to:

For more information, please contact:

Marina Drummer, marina@communityfuturescollective.otg (707) 486-6806

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